At Iota Marbling Studios, we take an ancient craft and give it modern life.  Within our studio, artists can stretch their artistic muscles, create new and innovative items and give them back to the world.


About Us

Iota Marbling Studios is a modest backyard art studio focused on the timeless art of water marbling.


It is spaciously located in Sacramento, California and was officially founded by Curtis Splan in February 2016.


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To create a safe, communal space for all kinds of artists--from beginners to professionals--in order to come together and express each of our creative sides with this endless expression of water marbling.

To conduct our affairs through the largest acts of transparency whenever possible, and to help recover centuries of sequestered, lost--or simply forgotten-- water marbling secrets, techniques, and methodologies with the world, as well as future generations to come.


To revive the marbling art form back into the modern mainstream through art licensing contracts, print on-demand services and sales on popular commerce websites.

Our Vision


Creativity, Innovation & Diplomacy

We believe in three core values which will help us on our mission, vision, and goals:  Creativity, Innovation & Diplomacy.  We appreciate that we are living in unique and changing times and that the world is becoming more expansive every moment.  These times demand high levels of creativity; unique innovations, and a dedication to collaborating with people, cultures, and organizations across the world. 


In the boldest sense, we believe that we are all diplomats for our cause, our organizations, and our core business vision.  We offer you these values freely and without question, and hope to change the world with this amazing reciprocity.


All Levels, All Mediums

Are you ready to learn something new? Have you always wanted to give water marbling a shot? We are working on developing classes for varying skill levels and in different mediums, and we'd love to hear from you.  All of our prior students loved coming to our workshops and we hope you will, too!  Just like you, we are still growing and learning, so please get in touch with us to learn more about our current and future offerings.  And thanks!


Have You Ever Considered Painting On Water?


Get your hands dirty with a fun and interactive Introduction to Water Marbling.  Enjoy a brief history on this amazing art, see some historic examples, and then dive into the tools, techniques and methods to making your own one-of-a-kind print!  This class is for all ages, keeps things fun, interesting and an awesome way to spend a few hours with fellow enthusiasts!  Get in touch with us below for dates and locations!

Make Your Own Book or Journal


If you have taken our Introduction to Water Marbling class, then consider this follow-up class as a way to transform your unique water marbled papers into a useful book or journal of your choice.  Enjoy creating useful items with your own hands and learning from your fellow students in the meantime.  Give yourself the gift which keeps giving in this Introductory Course to Bookbinding!

Marbling Isn't Just For Paper!


In this advanced marbling class, we'll expand our materials to include ceramics, 3D objects, leather, silk scarves, fabrics and more!  If you have taken our Introductory Water Marbling class, then this is a great follow-up where you get to enjoy new mediums, new techniques and wildly more possibilities.  It is only up to your imagination!


We'd love to hear from you!  And thanks!


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Meet The Team

Curtis Splan

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Founder of Iota Marbling Studios.  Lead Instructor on water marbling classes, content website developer and trade show representative.

William Chan

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On-site marbling assistant, facilities and property manager; and assists with all social contacts and events.

Marja Eitzmann

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Off-site advisor on licensing contracts; occasionally joins as marbling assistant and provides data analytics support to all aspects of the business.


Iota Marbling Studios
Sacramento, Sacramento County 95821

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