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Groundbreaking of Iota Marbling Studios

Hello and welcome to this first blog entry for Iota Marbling Studios!

For the past two years, officially speaking, Iota Marbling Studios has been a small business name, and a small project which I have been nurturing over time with hopes of bigger and better dreams in the future.

But this is soon to change. At least, I hope. That is the plan anyway...! After the purchase of our property, we have been carefully weighing out the possibility of creating a small extension--a workshop, if you will--with which to dedicate all manner of creative efforts.

The long and the short is that we have already begun! In fact, the reason for this intro post is to help share the update with our construction. Check out the concrete pour below!

Gravel and Concrete Footings
Poured Concrete with Joints and J-Bolts
Cured Concrete

So that's where we are today. In another week the actual construction of the workshop. What type? Color, and style? Well, that is for another blog update at another time. But stay tuned, please, for more updates!